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High potential, low potential and every where in between will find their way to perform at the highest levels when they complete coursework at SmartDealerUniversity.


We use a hands-on approach to teach the fundamentals of sales and management, delivering proven results that directly impact sales numbers. SmartDealerUniversity instructors will help your staff uncover their best leadership style by providing them with the tools they need to reach unparalleled levels of success.

Classroom training

Most courses are available at the state of the art SmartDealerUniversity training center in Oklahoma City, OK.

Online training

Online training from SmartDealerUniversity is accessible anywhere in the world, at any time.

Course Types

SmartDealerUniversity helps dealership personnel with a wide range of training offerings, from fifteen minute product training courses to forty hour process training courses.

Process Training

In-depth training for F&I, Sales, etc. which is designed to improve processes for measurable results.

Technology Training

Online training courses related to various technology offerings utilized in F&I, business offices, and service.

Product Training

Online training courses designed to give in-depth knowledge of IAS warranty offerings.

Why choose us?

Automotive training is everywhere you look. So why choose SmartDealerUniversity, and what sets us apart? Expand the questions below to see some of the reasons why.

What sets us apart from other automotive training?

First, SmartDealerUniversity is the only training environment with courses related to such a wide range of dealership operations, from sales, BDC, and F&I to service and management.


Second, many of our courses are available online, and unlike other online training which rely on prerecorded videos, SmartDealerUniversity courses are designed to be fully engaging educational experiences. Courses include written content, audio and video content, self-quizzes, and full exams.


Third, our instructors are world class and don't believe in just recycling content that's grown tired over the past several decades. They are engaged, even with online courses, and often form long lasting relationships with SmartDealerUniversity alumni.

How long does is take to complete each course?

It all depends on the course itself, and the pace with which you take the course. Some courses are very short, taking fifteen to thirty minutes, while others are intended to be taken over many days. In the course catalog, the estimated length of each course is listed. And unlike a classroom environment, courses taken online are completed at the leisure and pace of the student.

Can courses be viewed on phones and tablets?

Absolutely! We've gone to great lengths to ensure a wide range of devices can use the website. Using a modern browser is definitely recommended. If you are having connectivity issues, contact IAS support.


Whether taking courses online or in person, students are guided by a world class staff of instructors. Each instructor has at least ten years of dealership retail experience and has trained hundreds of automotive professionals across the United States.

Eric "Frenchie" Melon

Instructor (Sales, BDC)

Mike Holliman

Instructor (Sales, F&I, BDC)
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